Infotoaster, Logic on Fire

Data. I put it to work.

  • Web Application Design & Development
  • Mobile App Backend Design & Development
  • Graphic & UI Design

Elegant data design makes for elegant user experiences.
I think hard so your users don't have to.

About Me

Anthony Peluso

  • 20 Year Web & Internet Development Veteran
  • Has Worked with Startups, Fortune 500, Government, etc.
  • Experienced with Diverse Platforms & Languages, Current & Legacy
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Spoken, Written & Graphical
  • Makes Great Hummus

I consider projects of all sizes, team or solo.
Sometimes a company starts the project,
sometimes the project starts a company.

To the detriment of my public portfolio, most of my work makes up the parts you don't see.
For backend and intranet projects, email for more information.

Resumé available by request: